Water Rockets!

3…2…1…Blast Off! How often have you heard that phrase? Have you ever wondered if you could make a rocket of your own with materials at home? Well now you can! Because with science, anything is possible!th580AZBU2

What you NEED:

  1. A used mineral water bottle and its cap (a bigger bottle can fly longer)
  2. Tap Water
  3. A ball pump/ ball pump tip
  4. A nail
  5. A hammer


  1. A bike pump with changeable tips (if you’re using the ball pump tip)
  2. Decorations


  1. Make a hole on the bottle cap that is just big enough for the ball pump tip, using the hammer and nail. Try not to leave extra space to maximize air pressure.
  2. Fill one-fifth of the bottle with tap water. This step is very important as the water will be used to trap the air when it is launching.
  3. Seal the bottle with the holed bottle cap.
  4. Use the pump and start filling the bottle with air. Ask an adult to do this, because it takes a huge amount of strength to get the required amount of air in the bottle.
  5. Make sure to pump until the bottle is really full of air. You can also check this by feeling the bottle. If it is a little warm, that means that there is enough air pressure.
  6. Detach the pump from the cap and watch your rocket soar!


The water rocket works because it uses the pressure of gas and Newton’s Third Law. The water is used as a reaction, and the pressure of the gas is used to make the water react. When you detach the bottle from the pump, the huge amount of air inside will try to push out from the bottle, and so the water will also get pushed out. It is important to pump the bottle until it is warm because that indicates that there is a large amount of pressure inside the bottle.





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